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Theresa (Teri) MyersMy name is Theresa (Teri) Myers. I'm 39 years old, and from Ohio in the US. I am a married, bisexual mom of 2 girls; ages 8/12 & 6. My husband is an engineer. I'm self-employed as a part-time auditor and delivery person. I stay active through church volunteering, volunteering at the local Stonewall community center, and being a member of Dignity, the Catholic GLBT-rights group. My major interests, besides volunteering, are writing fiction, reading, music and travel. My great loves are my family and bestfriends, and my happiest memories are times I spend with them.

I came out as bisexual to my husband in 2002, and he's very supportive. I have since told several relatives and friends, who also stand by me. They all helped me through the loss of my job and a close friendship over my sexuality. I love my husband, but still honor attractions to women; and have fallen in love twice since I came out. I stay faithful to Tim, but I no longer 'wall' my heart. I live as openly as possible, and let others ask questions if they want. That is my new route, fraught already with challenges--which I hope to explore here.

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  1. Note From Mary: I have enjoyed reading Teri’s blog probably more than any other. I invite you to share that enjoyment by starting at the bottom and working up since her story is sequential.

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