The Social Click at Church… Good or Bad?

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The views on this post are mine and mine alone. Experiences are recalling different memories about it. You are free to agree or disagree, please do not shove it in my face.

Growing Up in a Christian Home

As far back as I can remember, which is when I was forced to wear a little kids suit for church, was not the best memory of all. In fact, I have always felt distant from religion and what it brings. As a kid, I always liked Sunday School because I didn’t have to hear my dad preach, but as I got older, it was more of a “You have to sit with us…” kind of thing which really didn’t make sense to me. But if you think every religious family is perfect, think again.

No matter what religion you are, Christian, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Hinduism and many others, there is always gonna be some type of conflict as I like to call it. These “conflicts” usually come when people open their minds to different possibilities. For me, the story below is what I mean.

Summer 2000

It was the beginning of the summer of 2000 and I was at my wits end with everyone and trying to understand who I was a person both psychically and sexually. So, at that time I went to my youth pastor, whom I felt I could tell anything and talk with. Well they meet me at a local restaurant and they bought my dinner and we started talking and I told them that I need help in finding who I am. Well, I never told them I was gay, just that I am having issues with my sexuality. So a few days later my father gets fired from his Church, in which I was really wondering why it happened.

My mother, the day after he lost his job said to me…. “You are the reason why your father lost his job, Cody went to the elders and said you are gay” – without hesitation I called that little prick and gave him a piece of my mind. And to this day, my mother still tells me that and it makes me so f****** angry that she would hold on to something that is 17 yrs old.

The Social Click

So my parents have been going to this church and I’ve been a few times but never really liked it because I don’t fit in with the “IT Crowed”. No, I am not talking about the Information Technology Crowed, more like the Social Click at that church. Yes, there are people who go to just go and socialize and then there is me, someone who want’s answers to questions but no one seems to have them other than this response “Read the Bible”… I am gonna be honest, as a kid, I was actually forced to read the bible, a chapter a night. I know what the bible says, which is man made, but where are the answers to like why we feel pain, love and so on. Why do we have a brain that is easily manipulated? So many questions yet no true answer to any of them.

So, the social click at church started some drama. Another reason why I hate churches, and it doesn’t just end there. It’s the fact that a lot of Christians (50%) are so wrapped up in their own little bundle of joy life that when change comes, they are scared. Take for instance Kim Davis, back in 2015 she was in the news a lot because of her refusal of issuing the marriage license to same-sex couples. Well, this is a great example of how a “Good Christian” can turn their backs on everything they are taught. I mean, there are people, that are die hard Christians that work in Government positions like County Clerks that obey the law because they do a Separation of Church and State.  So going on with the post, it is sad that when things like this happen, Christians (not all) believe they are being attacked and scolded of their rights…right? Wrong, in fact, over the past 30-40 years, Religion as has gotten some bad raps, mainly for allowing students to bully LGBT and other students.

What/Who I am Now

I am what most of the old schooled Christians would say, Witch or Warlock. In fact, I am neither since I do not do magic. Shamans are Native American Spirit Healers or Spirit Walkers. This means that with positive energy, I can pass that along to help prolong someone’s life by reducing stress and so on. Shamans are also known to have the gift or ability to see what others cannot or do not want to see. I do not practice a religion, I do believe in a higher power but not the way Churches and other Religions say to be true to them.

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