Geneoloy and Background

As many of you know by now, I am adopted and being adopted brought on many questions like “where do I come from?” and “what is my ancestry background?”. Today, all my questions have been answered and new information has been given and revealed to me. Let’s take a magical trip back in history!

Starting in 1710, my Geneology begins with parts of my DNA beginning with West, Central, and South Africa, Ashkenazi Jewish, Sardinian, and Yakut. This is where my ancestry history begins and will until now, with me.

So back when I was in my younger years, I was told and saw that the adoption agency had my background as this: Native Ameican, German, French, English (British), and Irish. That was cool and all but once I did my first DNA Test, I found out a whole lot more.

For instance, I do not have any Native American DNA AT ALL! In fact, I don’t have any AMERICAN DNA. Let’s break this down ?

European is the highest at 99.2% and consists of the following, they are broken up into groups, the top is the Main Subject and the others like the chapters… European is at 99.2% and so under this, it means that there is some of that region in my DNA: Example: NW European: 91% and British/Irish makes up 38.9% of that.

Northwestern European at 91%
British and Irish: 38.9%
French and German: 16.9%
Scandinavian: 3.6%
Broadly Northwestern European: 31.5%

Southern European: 2%
Sardinian: 0.1%
Broadly Southern European: 1.9%

Eastern European: 1.9%
Ashkenazi Jewish: <0.1%
Broadly European: 4.3%

East Asian & Native American: 0.4%

Southeast Asian: 0.2%
East Asian: Yakut and Broadly East Asian: <0.1%

Sub-Saharan African: 0.3%

West African: 0.1%
Central and South Africa: <0.1
Broadly Sub-Saharan African: <0.1

My British and Irish didn’t start until mid-1800’s

My French and German didn’t start until mid-1860’s

My Scandinavian and Eastern European didn’t start until mid-1740’s

West, Central, and South Africa, Ashkenazi Jewish, Sardinian, and Yakut didn’t begin until the beginning of 1710.

I am so happy I did this because I know where my heritage starts and why I look the way I do

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