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Humans often fear the unknown. Part of human nature is to organize and categorize the space around them—physically and mentally. When presented with something new or foreign, some people are eager to accept and learn, while others pull back and prematurely form judgments.

– Unknown

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is actually the study of different aspects of the human race, for example, relics of the past like The Holy Land, Helter Skelter (Irish Legend) and much more. It’s almost like a history book but with deeper details. There are different types of Anthropology that include Social/Cultural, Linguistic, and Biological/Physical. Each one takes a different approach to what we can learn either about ourselves or the past and present.

This blog post is more about how I learned more about myself by one teacher who asked me 2 different questions, and those will be posted also, and if you want to contribute to the post, add your comments at the end!

The Questions

Describe a time when either A) you were this “other” coming into a new community, or B) you had a strong reaction to an “other” coming into your community.

A) you were this “other” coming into a new community

B) you had a strong reaction to an “other” coming into your community.
What did you learn about your perception of the “norm” and the “other?”
Explain what steps we can take to improve our understanding of others’ cultures, values, or customs.

My Answers

I will answer both A and B so that there can be a clear understanding and what it means to live in one’s shoes.

A. Back in 1999, nearly 20 years ago I came out in the most unbelievable way imaginable by anyone! I was in my room one night, looking at dirty photos like young guys do, but these were not your normal dirty pictures. I knew I was gay but didn’t know how to come out to my parents about it until my mom walked in on me and saw me with the photos. That is all on that part.

I was also the subject of discussion at my dad’s church where he got fired because of me being gay. Well, that was Christianity for ya at its finest! Since then, I haven’t found myself as a contributor to the social hype of the everyday Facebookers, Tweeters, Google+’ers and Instagramers. I am but a spec in the universe no bigger than the smallest star dust. In fact, if you got a microscope you could see me living my life in a bigger than life world.

So is this the norm or is it something that has happened over time? This is where Anthropology kicks in. Fact Check: We have always had a social society from the beginning of time, like back to when the Neanderthals roamed with the Dino’s! Take this for example, back in 1995 the first dating site was introduced into the world called Today, in 2017 there are more than half a billion people on dating sites and hookup apps, but why?

The Why

As Technology has advanced from the first light bulb to Dial Up Internet to Wireless Internet, the way we communicate has changed. You can send a text message and talk that way, you can video chat from the comfort of your own home or on the go! This is why nearly 80% of the Earths population is online, that last 20% are those in countries where technology has not found its way or they live in tribes like those in Africa and Australia.

Other Coming into the Community

I have always been the timid type, mainly I have walls up until I am either comfortable with you or know you on a more personal level. Either way, the walls will come down once that level of comfortability is reached. Like my new job working for Panera Bread, there is this guy and I still cannot figure him out. I have my guard and wall up but is seems that one I know something about him, he will let his wall down and then its back up. I read people, and he is possibly reading this thinking I am some weirdo! When I read someone, I look for different things from what I can see, the eyes, mouth, facial features and more.

I will give information out, but I will give enough out so that it will be easier for me to let my wall down. I have been hurt many times before, and I know that everyone says “don’t harbor on the past, live for today and love for tomorrow”. I have my wall and guard up because I don’t like the feeling of my exiled then have to put the walls back up.

I am a good guy, just takes me a while with different people to let my guard down and here is a good example, if I like a guy, my guard will be up until I know him on a personal level and during this “trial” period I will slowly give some information out. But that is about it.

Which Anthropology was It?

This post is about all the basic Anthropologies out there. The Linguistics, Social/Cultural and even the Biological/Physical Anthropologies. See, we live each day and during that day we judge others based on what they look like, how well they communicate and so on.

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