The Apocalypse Is Happening Now. Will We Hear Its Message?

Dear family

Continuing on Lenten journey today I am reflecting on the Book of Revelation and what it may mean for those of us now in the age of Coronavirus. In my evangelical days I saw the Book of Revelation as pointing to the last days just prior to the return of Christ to this earth to establish his kingdom. I saw it pointing to a time of wars, nuclear holocaust, and destruction of earth as we know it now and all in all as a bad time I didn't want to be around for and definitely hoped that I would be ready to be "raptured" out at any moment so I would miss the great tribulation I believed was coming. I have for many years now been changing my views and coming to see God as love who always act in love and with our best interests at heart, As this pandemic has struck worldwide and find myself under quarantine in my home the first thing that strikes me is this happens right in the season of Lent which is a penitential season of self examination, making things right, so we can be ready for the resurrected Christ, the power of Pentecost to be able to live a extraordinary life in ordinary times. As I consider this I come to see Revelation in a whole new light. I have come to see it not as a book of terror but as a book of hope. A book whose message if listened to can lead to a new age of life, healing and the reign of God and God's peace over all the earth.

The word apocalypse means unveiling. The current pandemic is unveiling what is wrong with our present world. We have injustice, we have wars, terror is falling from the skies in many places as bombs and missiles fall from the sky killing many. We have polluted our rivers, streams, oceans as well as the air we breathe. Yes greed runs rampant and the rich seem to be getting richer while the poor get poorer. Diseases also run rampant with no seeming cure and hate and fear are prevalent throughout our world. We want to believe we are right and everyone else is wrong. We fear that which is different and we don't understand, The apocalypse comes to show us all that and that is good. For it reveals our shortcomings so we then can become partners together with one another and with God to fix what's wrong and bring in a new age.

That is how I am seeing the Book of Revelation. It starts off telling us we are kings and priests. Then it tells us of the coming of Jesus. Then it goes on to describe seven churches which were existent then and I believe are still here now showing both their strong points and inviting them to repent and change. Then it proceeds to describe a world where chaos and evil seem to rule unchecked and supreme. The anti Christ, the beast, and the false prophet seem to be having a field day and everything is going their way. However intervention comes. Jesus descends from the clouds with all his saints dealing with the devil, antichrist, and all who oppose him and establishing his kingdom over all the earth. Taking a figurative look at this I see Jesus and his people coming together. In Zechariah 14;4 and following it says when Christ returns his feet shall touch the Mount of Olives and it shall be split in two. The word used for olive here refers to yielding and illuminating as in olive oil used in lamps to give light. Thus as Christ (meaning anointed one) touches the Mount of Olives it splits in half making a path yielding and illumination. For what purpose does this split take place for? Zechariah 4:5 says a valley shall be formed through which the people of God can escape, Then in that day when this happens in Zechariah 4:8-10 it tells us that living waters shall flow from Jerusalem, everything shall live and the Lord shall be king over all the earth. In Revelation 19:15 that when Christ returns with his saints a sharp sword shall go out of his mouth with which to strike the nations and prepare for Christ to rule them. He does this to smite or knockout foreigners or those opposed to God so he can establish his kingdom. In Hebrews 4:12 it tells us that the word of God is living and powerful like a two edged sword piercing and dividing soul and spirit and discerning thoughts and intents of the heart. So why do we need discernment now?

God is calling us to a new thing and way of living different than before. He is through illumination and new light showing us a path which if we will take can lead to a new day. In revelation 21st chapter it speaks of the New Jerusalem coming down out of the sky. Jerusalem means city of peace. In Revelation 22:1-2 it says that a river of living water flows from the throne of God which is in the New Jerusalem watering trees bearing all manners of fruit and whose leaves are for the healing of every nation, As we read on in this same chapter there will be no more curses but only light. Finally God's realm will be manifested on earth and all who want to be a part can be. However it is a choice which we can either reject or accept. This is what I believe the Coronavirus apocalypse is about. It is unveiling all that is wrong so we can fix it with God's help. It is calling us to embrace a new vision and dawning where once more living water and healing can flow forth and everything can live. It is calling us in the spirit of Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus and others who have gone before to help prepare the way of the Lord and prepare the way for the coming of his kingdom, Thus the apocalypse is calling loudly and asking how will we respond? Will we hear its calling and message embracing it and bring change? Will we ignore it as we have in the past and have to keep going through the same things over and over until we get it? The choice is ours how will we choose?

As always comments welcomed.