The Power of God

Dear family,

Find enclosed my latest poem. Hope you all enjoy and comments are always welcomed

Brother Lawrence Damien Cos

The Power of God
Brother Lawrence Damien Cos

I have been broken but not forsaken,
Knocked down but not kept down
I’ve felt pain but that was gain
For the power of God is leading me on.

The power of God leads me on,
Higher and higher focused on
The road that leads me to eternal dawn,
Always keeping me going on and on.

This power has raised me from the grave of sin
This power has given me new life within
This power of God draws me closer to Him
Till the day I cross over into eternity with Him.

With this power of God I am pressing on
Never giving up but going on
The devil can’t ever turn me around
Because in the power of God I’m heaven bound.

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