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willowtreeI am but a girl, simplistic and complicated ...loving, analytical, romantic, beautiful...I am me, a lover of people, a hater of hurt and broken hearts. I'm in love with a girl who's eyes sparkle & light up my world. I'm gay and I love God, makes me a contradiction in most eyes, but fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of my Creator. I am what I am and I'm learning to love who I've become.

I want to take the girl who is broken and bruised. She sits alone at night in pain, feeling unloved and unworthy...she's stained with memories and soiled with tears. She fears looking up because she fears the mere idea of hope. Hope in her life has only brought more pain. So, she no longer hopes, she simply lives, and only slightly. I want to take this girl, lift her chin up and teach her to hope again. I want to clothe her in white linens and teach her to dance, to sing, to breathe. I want to teach her she is worthy and beautiful. I want to bandage the scars on her arms, the pain in her heart and show her love does exist. For this girl I live, for she is the dream placed upon my heart, the hope that change can still happen in the broken and bruised...the beautiful.

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