Happy New Year!

God is good.

I spent the New Years in Times Square, New York welcoming-in the new day with a million revelers! It was great. Party favors, cuzoo's, lots of people howling, shouting, holding their cell-phone cameras, digital cameras, cups of beer and otherwise! What an atmosphere and I'm glad that God let me be a part of it.

I had some concerns about traveling to the City during this time of year. I didn't know if I'd get my pocket picked. Two of my friends in work warned me: 'be careful.' My aunt advised me, too, to be careful. (As if I was still a young child. LOL) But I had the confidence that all would go well and it did. In fact, a visitor is safer there during New Years Eve festivities than probably any time of year because there are police every twenty feet. If they aren't on food patrol in two's or three's, there riding their horses. And if they aren't doing that, they are in the vehicles. It was a wonderful feeling. But even without that, God gave me the 'green light' to go out and have a good time.

I took down the Amtrak from Boston. My trip into Penn Station took about four hours. From their, I climbed a non-working escalator to the mezzanine and made my way to the Metro. I had planned on walking the eight to ten blocks to Times Square, but I found that I had to pay to get out of the Metro station. New York, much like Boston and Washington, DC, London, and several other big cities, offers a self-serve computer with a 'press this screen' menu. For $2.00 I could by a single pass and, at the suggestion of a transit employee, I took the train one stop and got off at 8th Avenue and East 43. And that was pretty much my view on the world and I had a great time.

New York City is a great place to visit. So much to see and do, even though the Writer's Strike has crippled most of the theaters that draw in thousands each week. But the restaurants, stores, street life, Port Authority, etc (even the new giant New York Times building) was impressive to see. (Already I want to go back) But I believe that I could have given into fear -- and missed a totally good time. (BTW, the idea for traveling down popped into my mind just Monday morning.) If I had gave into fear, instead of using common sense and trusting God for my safety and security, I'd be home right now -- another lonely new years night. But I'm glad I trusted in God.

It will be a good, new year!

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