Ecclesiastical Revelations

I'm almost finished this book and I can only say that it has been thus far: refreshing!

It might be where I am in my life, in that I was so bored in my life and hated about half of my job. I have been so stressed with phones, that I thought that life couldn't get worse. But after reading how 'life is meaningless' and how it appears that the 'evil often overcomes good' it has hit me with a strange sort of peace.
Naturally, no one likes it when evil triumphs over good. Of course not. But it is helpful to know that others have been where I am now and have gotten through it. They have continued with the knowledge of God and saw the blessings that he pours out on those who love him. And despite the evil of the world, despite the evil that lurks within every heart, and despite that even the best of Believers have their evil side, God still blesses. And the righteous will stand in the day of judgement. And that promises fills me with such happiness and joy!

There are famous quotes throughout the book. 'What so ever your hand findeth to do, do so with all they might' and 'More bitter than death is a women who's heart is snares and traps' or something like that. Interesting. Of course, people twist the verses, change their meanings and apply them 'out of context.' Still it is good to be familiar with the Word of God. It is wonderful, I think, to believe it with all my heart. To accept its precepts and naively drink it all in and believe that by the power of the Holy Spirit, he will order my steps. Amen.

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