The Importance of Receving Love

Loving God and loving people are related. Since before the beginning of my ministry I have understood that in loving the Lord, I must also love people; and experience has born witness to this truth. To say that it has proven to be a difficult undertaking in the past is an understatement and the future appears to be no brighter. Nevertheless, if we can learn to love God, loving people just comes natural because His love for us came first. He gives us so much love, we can't help but love those He puts in our path. If we say we love God, but hate people, we are deluding ourselves. If you're having trouble with this, check your receiver. Maybe the reason you are having trouble loving people is because you haven't truly mastered receiving God's love. Perfect your reception of His love, then transmitting it to yourself and to others will be unavoidable.

How to Get Saved

The message of the Gospel or “Good News” starts with “Bad News”.  It begins with a story of disobedience; God’s intended perfect creation got polluted by “sin”.  The word “sin” is derived from an archery term used to describe an arrow shot toward its target, but falls short of its intended mark.  God had made Adam and Eve with free will.  He desired that acting on their own, they would choose to have an intimate relationship of love with Him.  Instead, the relationship was spoiled through lying and cover-up; faith and trust were displaced by shame and guilt.  The genes of the entire human race were within Adam and Eve and when they decided to rebel against God’s will, their lives were plunged into death and decay.  This became the legacy of all of humanity. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God [Romans 3:23].

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