Blog FAQ’s


01. How Do I Get My Own Blog Page?

It's easy.  If you are a paying member of Christian Gays you can have your own blog page.  Just write to [email linktext="Mary"]?subject=I%20Want%20My%20Own%20Blog%20Page%20Please[/email].  Tell me your username & password, and what you would like to call your blog. I'll be happy to set it up for you.

02. How Do I Get Started?

1. Once Mary has set up your blog page you will be able to go to My Stuff, and now there will be a new link for My Blog (at the very bottom).

Create New Post

2. Click on "Create New Post".



3.  Enter a Title and your Content, using the Visual Tab Tools to format.

Visual Tab

4.  Hover over each tool if you're not sure what it is and a screen tip will appear.

hover tool tip


Authors5.  Select your name from the Authors (bottom of the page).  If you miss doing this step, your blog will not show up under your name.

6.  You can click to Save your work at any time.  I recommend you do it several times as you write in case your computer or internet crashes while you are composing. 

When ready to publish, click Save & Preview.  Please re-read your post several times, checking for spelling errors, run-on (too long sentences), punctuation, and for heaven's sake, please put blank spaces between paragraphs.  There is nothing harder to read than one long block of text.

7.  Once your blog is ready to go "live" click the Publish button, and then click on your name to make sure it has been published.

Note 1:  By default when you hit the Return button on your keyboard you will get a blank line.  If you just want to go to the next line without making a blank between, hit Shift + Return.

Note 2:  Your first blog should be called "About Me".  Tell us about yourself and what you are going to write about.  Add a picture to the article using the "Add Media" button in the Visual Editor.  If you need help, write to Mary.

03. How Do I Edit My Blog

Go to My Stuff -> My Blog

Find the article you want to edit, and click on the pencil.

That will allow you to edit your post.

04. How Do I Make Clickable Links In My Posts

If you wish to forward people to another website, or perhaps a link within the Christian Gays website, you will want to make a clickable link.

Here is an example.

If you want to see some of the websites I've created, please go to my website, Winning Website Creations, at

Please note that is not a link.  It is text that the person reading is going to have to copy and paste into their browser window.

To make this a clickable link do the following:

1.  Mouse over the words you want to call your link, to select the text.

no link



2.  Open a new window and go to the actual link in your browser. 

Select the URL in the address bar.  Copy the URL.  (Ctrl + C    OR     Cmd + C for Macs)

URL of Winning Website Creations




3.  Come back to your blog page.  Click on the Link icon.

insert link







4.   a)  Paste the URL into the window.  (Ctrl + V     OR       Cmd + V for Macs)

      b)  Type the Text to Display and the Title.

      c)  For "Rel" select "Nofollow" unless it is a link within

insert link window










      d)  NB:  For "Target", select New Window.  If you don't select New Window then the link will
             open  in the window of the page they are reading on the Christian Gays website, and our website

             will vanish. 

             If you have them open in a New Window, then the CG website will stay in the background,
             where they can come back to it.

      e)  Click OK and you will see that your text is now a clickable link.

If you want to see some of the websites I've created, please go to my website Winning Website Creations at



5.  Now, if you want, you can remove "at" because it is no longer needed.  Your new sentence looks like this.

If you want to see some of the websites I've created, please go to my website Winning Website Creations.

05. Use The “Read More” Tag …

When someone clicks on your name they will see a list of all your posts.   If your articles are long, please use the "Read More" tag so that they don't have to scroll down the page forever to see everything you have written.  They may not be interested in the first two articles but they may be interested in the third one.  Give them a taste of what the article is about, then insert a "Read More" tag.

It is very easy.  At an appropriate place, just click on the "Read More" icon.

That will put a break in your page like this.

read more line

Continue typing.  Everything above the line will show on your home page. 

Everything below the line will be hidden until they click the read more link link.