Visit to Grand Rapids MI

On Friday Dec. 14, I arose early and started on my way to Grand Rapids MI.  I had worried Thursday afternoon about the poor weather (particularly around Buffalo).  The roads were fine.

It took me just over 6 hours to make the drive.  I stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans in Port Huron.  I had forgotten to bring any of the favourite CD’s so had talk radio on most the way.

I checked into Americinn, Greenville.  I then phoned both Trevor and Allison’s cell phones and hooked up my laptop to let people know I had arrived safely.
Soon the telephone rang asking me to come to the house. I drove right there and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon until after dinner. The house is lovely with furnishings in it and with Joshua’s room finished. I admired the fact I had helped with the painting before the carpet and the furnishings went in.

I agreed to return the next morning at about 9:00 to 10:00 with some salad ingredients. I got there just after 10 after a wonderful breakfast and a chat on-line with Arnold plus of course some shopping. I had to get gas at Meijer Stores and did the grocery shopping at Walmart.

On Saturday, I spent the day with the family. Samantha actually sat in my lap some although she is still very shy about me. She stares and stares at me most the time when I speak to her. She was amazed in the afternoon as we played board games that I could deliver her cereal to nibble on just as much as Daddy could.

We went to Halfway Restaurant without incident. The wind was coming up and it was supposed to start snowing but it held off. Right after dinner, I headed back to the Americinn and they went home to put the little ones to bed. Church, which we had planned to go to in the evening was cancelled because of major winter storm warning.

Sunday morning, I made the decision to stay an extra night. When I looked out the window at my car I could see that the snow had drifted. Sid, Alexander, Arthur and Ernie had warned me not to come home.

Arnold and I had another wonderful chat. I expected to have breakfast with Trevor, Allison, and the kids. However, after chatting with Arnold – again, a wonderful chat, I went down and had a small snack to tide me over. The breakfasts at that Americinn are very good.

The road out to Trevor’s was terrible. Had I been driving home, which had been my intention, it would probably have taken 24 hours at the rate I managed out to Trevor’s.

He was out shovelling. I took a few hands at the shovel – first time in 8 winters. The wind was whipping things around.

We played Trivia Pursuit while Joshua and Claire were in basement watching Christmas programs on TV – later, I watched some with them. Cute children’s programs.

After lunch, Trevor ventured out to shovel again. I did a bit more this time and we took pictures of the kids in the snow and of me shovelling (to share with Arnold) and such before I headed back to the motel for a lengthy nap. Trevor had taken the red eye back from San Francisco on Wednesday night so he was showing signs that he needed to rest and sleep.

We met at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Yes, Grandpa decided he ought to treat them to a second meal as he had not anticipated staying. Grandpa also handed over birthday and Christmas presents.

Joshua started immediately eating the salsa and chips too quickly and threw up as we were ordering our food.

We ordered and Allison kept telling Joshua to slow down in his eating. However, near the end of his meal, he threw up – this time a much bigger mess. We left the restaurant hurriedly and stopped back at the motel where we said good-byes in front of the lobby fire. That Greenville Americinn has a really nice lobby. I took some pictures and got them to take some of me with the grandchildren. They then said goodnight. I note Trevor is using one of the pictures I took of the whole family on his web site.

The drive home on Monday was mostly on dry roads. The snow and roads were worst around Flint, Sarnia, and Burlington. Just east of Sarnia, I saw cars and an 18-wheeler being pulled from the ditches. Obviously left overs from the previous day. I stopped at a drug store in morning. I stopped for lunch and gas (again at Bob Evans) in Port Huron. I stopped at Duty Free and finally made it home 7 hours after leaving Greenville.

The visits with Mark’s family and Trevor’s family made my Christmas.


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