Rock Haven

This is a beautiful movie with Sean Hoagland and Owen Alabado, two young men in a small coastal town who fall in love.Brady, the character played by Hoagland, is highly religious and tries running from his feelings for Clifford (Alabado) throughout the movie. Yet, the pastor, played by David Lewis, the writer as well quotes John 3:17 “God did not send His son to condemn the world …” to Brady which makes Brady decide not to go to an ex-gay camp. The movie deals with Brady coming out to his mother, his mother having difficulty with Brady’s homosexuality but saying “you will always be my son” but also admitting that she can not change the way she thinks.

The scenery, both nature and human is absolutely spectactular. The message is one worth pursuing. It would be an excellent movie at 72 minutes to show to a gay and lesbian group – a gay-straight alliance or at a church group dealing with sexuality. It would be my hope that it will reach beyond gays to those who often condemn gays.


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