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1963-04-03 00:00:00



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Los Angeles

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Jesus loves everyone and i hope that shows through me!

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he / him



I went to Virginia Tech for 4 years but didn’t get a degree as i decided i hated Industrial Engineering. 🙂 It was supposed to be a mix of math and psychology but back then it seemed to be all math. I took advertising and psychology on the way out before i left for Los Angeles. I went to L.A. City College for a year in the early 90s to take Drug & Alcohol counseling and learn better Spanish. Also I have played music since elementary school so i was in marching, concert and jazz bands from middle school through college, so in a way that turned out to be my main education.


Right now i’m looking for a job, and a career i finally fit and qualify for, while doing some freelance/contracting work such as websites, writing and graphic design, and playing in bands. I have thought of teaching but i’ll need to get credentials, etc. Meanwhile i’ve done a few interesting things, starting with the most recent:

Internet Producer at through a temp agency, where i uploaded all the products to the website, learned and used Oracle and the CMS, and also did a lot of QA.
Assistant Editor at
Research Analyst in healthcare where i helped write treatment guidelines, published the annual handbook and coordinated the new website.

Hobbies and Interests

I’ve loved music my whole life and play guitar, keyboard and saxophone, and currently play in a cover band. In the past i have played in some original bands as well. I love to write and record my own songs and need to do much more to promote them such as recording and posting videos. And i’m shy. ? I love to read but don’t do it much any more. I love theology and politics, learning and writing about them. I’m a recovering addict with over two years sober so i’m still smoking a few cigarettes a day and need to get back into exercise!

Pets, Children, Grandchildren

I just have my awesome brother, two sisters and Dad (Mom passed in 2014), plus some great cousins. I am the only sibling still not married, so i live vicariously through my 6 nieces and nephews. I don’t like pets, plus it’s hard enough to take care of myself LOL.

Faith / Denomination

I think i would describe my understanding like this: I am a born over believer in Josh the Chosen (aka Jesus the Christ), with strong Zen and 12-step influence. I think Christianity needs to step back and appreciate more that God is BIG, even though i believe JtC embodies what God is, as love in a human being. I prefer the “higher power” concept or “the Force” from Star Wars and i think that God should be called IT as maleness is undefinable without genitals or hormones (or even with them!) The Zen part is basically i like to think wholistically, and all opposites such as tall/short, light/dark, good/bad and even belief/unbelief are like two ends of a shoelace, and can’t be divided in “half.” This is represented by the tree of the experience of function and dysfunction at the beginning of Genesis in the Bible. Don’t eat from that tree; God says it’s ALL GOOD! (Genesis 1:31)

Relationship Status

Single for so so long LOL. I think most of the time i prefer to be alone and work on myself, but i’m also hesitant to be TOO close to people, it just seems hard to find someone that “fits” and is worth all the work! :p

Degree of "Outness"

Luckily i can be out as a straight person, but i would like to fight more for gay acceptance among Christians. I appreciate my feminine side as i am a lot like my awesome Mom.

Seeking Friends or Dating

I Am Seeking

Friends, My Soul Mate, Travelling Companion, Spiritual Companion






I like to have unconventional musician hair but right now it's fairly short and hopefully spiky

Facial Hair

I've had a soul patch since the 90s, except for that period when i had a trucker 'stache and heavy metal hair.


So white

Ethnicity (cultural origin)

My origins are German, Irish and English. I wish i could get a melanin transplant and be brown!

Languages Spoken

English, pretty good Spanish and a little Tagalog. Pagpalain kayong Diyos!


None i just feel like i have hyperfocused ADD which makes it hard to switch between things, such as i hate to go out, but once i'm out i don't want to go home. LOL


Still smoking maybe 5-7 cigs a day, outside the house. It slows me down so i would like to quit, eventually…

Alcohol Habits

Clean and sober since September 30, 2014, thank God (also from approx 1992-2004). See Drugs for more info.


Clean and sober since September 30, 2014 (also from approx 1992-2004). I used to do coke, smoke crack and in the past smoked weed (which made me paranoid) and did meth from about 5 months until i decided i hated it.

Tatoos or Piercings

I want some tats! Haven't had $ for awhile but I have ideas for a cross on one shoulder, on the other YHWH written from top to bottom in the shape of a man, the 3 colored Pittsburgh steel triangles on my hand, and even the Jesus on the forearm that incorporates my own hand.