MCC Toronto Christmas Eve Service is one of the nicest events in my year.

This year, with the possibility of Arnold being here for Christmas, I wondered about buying him a ticket but by the time I got to Roy Thompson Hall to buy the ticket I knew he would not be here.

Anyway, the music is always superb. The sermons are short a pithy. Politicians are always present – inlcuding the leader of one of the political parties and members from other parties.
Last night, the first song was so wonderful. It had as its theme – we are free to love whomever, no matter race, colour, or ….. Ms. Pirtre who played in Mamma Mia on Broadway and in the Toronto production was one of the featured singers. Someone described the service to me before I went as like a Broadway production. This was my 8th straight year of attending and it is always so nice to see young gay couples with both sets of parents in tow – not something which would have happened in my younger days.

The sermon was brief but made the point that Christ was about LOVE and just like the song emphasized the need to be inclusive. It hit out at the fundamentalists of all faiths and their deviation from the LOVE of Christ. The title had to do with what each of us can do – Christ was one person and He was inclusive and hit out at the fundamentalists of His day. We are to be like Christ.

What a message! As gay Christians we have to doubly work on this. One of the finer statements made during the service had to do with, it was time to fight the lack of love in our world instead of fighting terrorism. That drew applause.


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