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Dear reader, it is my intention to write about the true events of my own life in these blog posts, so what you read are things that actually happened to me, not someone else. I’m told that there are enough amazing, scary, inspirational, aggravating, and some funny to write a book. 

I have in fact, turned down two known writers who wanted to write my biography. I did so because of a few reasons: primarily and most important is that a writer would place the focus on me, rather than on God who deserves all the praise and glory for the good that was done. Second, while I have a lot of stories to tell, each story has different significance to me than it might to anyone else; by letting you choose what might interest you, then you are not stuck reading stuff that bears no significance or mild curiosity for yourself.

Finally, I assure you that as of today, February 8, 2020 only one story has been published, and that was in the Denver Colorado newspaper Westword by reporter Karen Bowers in 1993. Other events that involved media either didn’t mention my name at my own request, and some that mention events which reporters opted to keep the story short in the interest of brevity and interest. I will put an asterisk if the story had any media coverage. Some of my stories involve well known celebrities from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

You are welcome to read and retell any story, however you may NOT publish any story in any format without permission. If you do retell any story, please use pseudonyms for anyone who is not me and who is not already a public figure.

Below I will list the stories by a title that will at least give you a clue what the story is about. Please keep in mind, I am not a writer, nor a reporter, nor a cop, nor am I an elected official (but I almost was). I will list the stories in chronological order from my earliest childhood to my present life.

Your sibling in Christ our King

For the Glory and Praise of our loving God,

Danny Reynolds. (OldGeezer)

1. Seeing a real ghost at age 4

2. A vision or am I psychic? Saving my dog at age 6

3. Stalked by a serial killer and mass murderer for 20 years*

4. A visit by a dead neighbor

5. Stopping a suicide and accepting Christ

6. My own “Danny in the lions den”, the first miracle I witnessed

7. Becoming a leader of song, youth, and outreach

8. Becoming Ray Kroc’s golden boy

9. Becoming the beloved only son of my pastor and his wife

10. The dry Bible: the second miracle I witnessed which affected 1000 people

11. Losing my job, my fiancé, my friends in a single week

12. Healing a child with terminal leukemia the third miracle I witnessed

13. Predicting the collapse of my church a year before it happened

14. Saving 38 people based on a vision of a bus crash (the 4th miracle I witnessed)*

15. Saving another bus load of people from freezing to death

16. Failing to save a woman crushed by a bus

17. Saving a train crew from a head on train wreck*

18. Mom is nearly beaten to death*

19. Becoming a pot head

20. Getting back on track with service to the elderly and handicapped

21. Jerry Tiffany and the citizen of the year

22. Jack Spear and the Stardust Skate Center: chauffeur, manager, DJ

23. Coming out publicly to 1000 kids all at once

24. Feeding abandoned children

25. Rejecting a teenage boy with a crush on me

26. Rejecting an adult man with a crush on me

27. Palm Springs: Pro golfer Nancy Lopez puts my boss in his place

28. Palm Springs: rejecting another teenage boy

29. Palm Springs: rejecting Liberace

30. Palm Springs: rejecting an orgy of 2000 people

31. Petting a zoo tiger with Joan Embry at San Diego Zoo

32. Riverside TV studio with JoAnn Castle and Lawrence Welk regulars

33. Beaten by a gang for being gay

33. Fired for being gay

34. Hardee’s, feeding the homeless, and Jeffrey

35. Skinny dipping in the hotel pool

36. Honored by Neal as his hero in his valedictory speech, 3000 people

37. Rejecting a criminal boss, who became a Minnesota Supreme Court Judge

38. Driving a mob boss as his personal chauffeur (lots of celebrity stuff)

39. Running a frat house for celebrities

40. A murderer confesses to me

41. Solving two more murders

42. Ron White on death row

43. Becoming the legal guardian of a gay teen who’s father was CEO of a major US company

44. Sending the teen away for his own safety

45. Hiding from the mob

46. Working at Hertz and co-ordinating with state Attorney General and US Attorney General

47. Housing the homeless in Denver

48. Becoming an activist to defeat Amendment 2 (anti gay amendment)

49. Saving boys from a pedophile and kiddie porn ring*

50. Confronting a sitting US Senator on national TV*

51. Being asked by two former Governors to run as Governor of Colorado

52. Solving the kidnapping of a small child *

53. David Bath convicted, and overturned*

54. Kidnapped and beaten by Republican operatives, left for dead

55. Drugged with LSD and beaten again

56. The prosecutor Bill Ritter and Dan Abrams become famous *

57. Casting out a demon; another miracle

58. Claiming a Denver park for Christ another miracle

59. The Blizzard of 97 

60. Caring for my retired missionary Aunt

61.  9-11

62. Homeless and broke, God provides

63. Fired for being too old

64. Arrested for kidnapping a child, acquitted, and the lawsuit*

65. Surrogate dad for two teens with drug addicted parents

66. Asked to be The Godfather to Nick (his picture is in my pix)

67. Forced retirement at age 66

68. Rejected by two, accepted by one

69. Daniel grows in Christ (his picture is in my pix)


1. Saving Adam. 

2. Saving Nick. 

3. The whole family fell in love with me: funny story

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