Christmas Day in Toronto

I will start with Christmas Day in 2006. My sister, Mary Lynn and I had been inviting each other to our places since I left my marriage in 2000. In 2006, she announced that she would be in Edmonton for Christmas, instead of celebrating here in Toronto area. I decided since I was going to be alone and wanted a turkey and all, I would invite some friends whoo would not have others to celebrate with over. I invited four people, one of whom was invited elsewhere so there were four of who sat down to the meal – I cooked everything and enjoyed it.
This year, with my sister deciding to hold Christmas dinner in her birthday December 23, I hesitated about what to do. This year, I felt I wanted to do it again but felt daunted at the thought. I am President of the Toronto Long Yang Club (Asian gays and their admirers). I had not made up my mind when I attended our Christmas pot luck a couple of weeks ago but I was talking to one of the young Asians whom is not long in Canada and asked him what he was doing for Christmas and he said he was not doing anything and so I told him I was thinking of having dinner here. Another fellow (African background) was standing there and said “I will bring the turkey” so I said, it is a deal. I then talked to two other Asians and asked them and they said they would come.

I then invited the people who were here last year and it expanded until I had invited 11 of whom 10 were able to come. Two left after dinner and two more came after dinner (partners separated by distance who wanted to have dinner together) so 10 left late evening. Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, USA, Philippines, and of course Canada were the birth places of those present and the turkey-provider – I do not know what country he was born in (his parents were diplomats so he lived all over).

It makes for a very different Christmas from when my three sons were growing up and it wqs a nuclear family but it makes an excellent one. I don’t think we know how many people do not have people at Christmas to connect with.

Laughter and fun were had by all and one person brought a mango salad, dessert was provided by another and that kept my job down to vegies, jello, buns (and there are some I would not have minded touching either) and drink. I must say, it really made my Christmas special.


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