About Me – Dr. Douglas J. McCready

DJ McCreadyDJ (is actually my first and middle initial but (came about because of one pair of shoes I used to wear to class) is a name my students used as a nickname. My first name is Douglas but it was not one that I wished to continue using due to some connotations it had for me. I tried other nicknames but DJ has stuck and most of my friends use that now.

I was born in Ottawa in 1943 and have lived in Riverside (9 years), Amherstburg (9 years), London England (1 year), Edmonton (3 years), Kitchener (5 years), Waterloo (26 years), St Louis MO. (1 year), and Toronto (6 years plus).

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The Philippines (Part 2)

January 1, 2005, I landed in Manila from Hong Kong. It was a new year and I was starting a new adventure. Arnold was there to greet me at the airport and much like the previous year, our meeting was outside. It was morning as the flight had arrived in Hong Kong at 6 a.m. and after 2 1/2 hours we had taken off for Manila. Arnold had been out the night before watching fireworks to celebrate the coming in of the new year.

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Bombing in the Philippines

For me, today has been a rough day. The mall I go to every day I am in Manila was bombed killing 9 and injuring well over 100. The pictures in the various news media are all so real to me.

How does one deal with issues like war between religions? In 2005, as you will see in some of my other entries, I was at the Glroietta Mall (which is where the bomb was today) and took a taxi back to the apartment in Pasay City but when we turned on the TV when we got home, we discovered that two buses had been bombed within yards of where we had passed in the taxi just a short few minutes before.

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It seems a big jump to go from the Philippines to Kenya but after returning from four weeks in Asia In January/February 2007, I headed off to Europe and Africa. The ultimate destination for me was Nairobi where I am involved in a research project.

First, let me explain the background of how I got involved in research in Kenya. One of my former students (a mature student about 5 years younger than me) became a naturopath (Jim). His children and mine were in church groups together. His youngest son went to Kenya about 4 years ago as a summer mission and met a Pentecostal pastor there who put him in touch with a mission run by a Norwegian couple. They have a orphanage and a place where slum children gather daily to be prepared for school. The mission then pays for uniforms and books for the kids who prepare for school under their auspices (some of these are teens and others are six year old’s).

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Monday Visit to Family

On Monday, December 10, I visited Mark, Wendy, and Anna. They are a neat family. Mark is my son, Anna is his 2-year old daughter, and Wendy is Mark’s wife and Anna’s mother. Mark and I talked in the morning and after lunch we went down to the basement and assembled some copper piping for the new bathroom down there. He is putting in an additional bedroom in the basement as well.

It takes me three hours to get there and three hours to get home and so it makes a long day for me. At this time of year, going north on the highways can be speculative at best. I started out in the snow flurries and had visibility problems with the windshield washer fluid not working properly going up but coming home it was actually more scary to me since it was so dark and there was absolutely no lights anywhere and I was on a lonely twisting highway.

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Visit to Grand Rapids MI

On Friday Dec. 14, I arose early and started on my way to Grand Rapids MI.  I had worried Thursday afternoon about the poor weather (particularly around Buffalo).  The roads were fine.

It took me just over 6 hours to make the drive.  I stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans in Port Huron.  I had forgotten to bring any of the favourite CD’s so had talk radio on most the way.

I checked into Americinn, Greenville.  I then phoned both Trevor and Allison’s cell phones and hooked up my laptop to let people know I had arrived safely.

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MCC Toronto Christmas Eve Service is one of the nicest events in my year.

This year, with the possibility of Arnold being here for Christmas, I wondered about buying him a ticket but by the time I got to Roy Thompson Hall to buy the ticket I knew he would not be here.

Anyway, the music is always superb. The sermons are short a pithy. Politicians are always present – inlcuding the leader of one of the political parties and members from other parties.

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Christmas Day in Toronto

I will start with Christmas Day in 2006. My sister, Mary Lynn and I had been inviting each other to our places since I left my marriage in 2000. In 2006, she announced that she would be in Edmonton for Christmas, instead of celebrating here in Toronto area. I decided since I was going to be alone and wanted a turkey and all, I would invite some friends whoo would not have others to celebrate with over. I invited four people, one of whom was invited elsewhere so there were four of who sat down to the meal – I cooked everything and enjoyed it.

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An Interesting Article Which I Found Useful

I generally read the on-line version of Christianity Today magazine daily and I found this article particularly useful. I am copying it whole, not to break copyright, but to show you that I agree with the thoughts and message conveyed therein.

Hour of Decision
“How can I know I’m a Christian if I can’t remember when I first responded to the gospel?”
Erik Thoennes

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Rock Haven

This is a beautiful movie with Sean Hoagland and Owen Alabado, two young men in a small coastal town who fall in love.Brady, the character played by Hoagland, is highly religious and tries running from his feelings for Clifford (Alabado) throughout the movie. Yet, the pastor, played by David Lewis, the writer as well quotes John 3:17 “God did not send His son to condemn the world …” to Brady which makes Brady decide not to go to an ex-gay camp. The movie deals with Brady coming out to his mother, his mother having difficulty with Brady’s homosexuality but saying “you will always be my son” but also admitting that she can not change the way she thinks.

The scenery, both nature and human is absolutely spectactular. The message is one worth pursuing. It would be an excellent movie at 72 minutes to show to a gay and lesbian group – a gay-straight alliance or at a church group dealing with sexuality. It would be my hope that it will reach beyond gays to those who often condemn gays.


Arnold Arrives In Canada

Well, it has been such a long time since I wrote anything here. There is so much to report on. Where do I begin?

First, on May 12, Arnold arrived in Canada. What a thrill it was to greet him at the airport. About that time I was at the airport it seemed almost twice a week seeing someone off or waiting to meet someone. He meant it when he said he was letting his hair grow until he got to Canada.

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