Arnold Arrives In Canada

Well, it has been such a long time since I wrote anything here. There is so much to report on. Where do I begin?

First, on May 12, Arnold arrived in Canada. What a thrill it was to greet him at the airport. About that time I was at the airport it seemed almost twice a week seeing someone off or waiting to meet someone. He meant it when he said he was letting his hair grow until he got to Canada.

Second, I had a double birthday/pre-retirement celebration on July 19 and 20. On the 19th at Pegasus, there were many well wishers and wonderful decorations. I was very pleased with the way everyone was so pleasant. At Mark’s on the 20th, I got to meet Grace and we had a wonderful time. People think retirement should come immediately upon turning 65 but alas I am going to go to January 1, 2009 so I can say I have been at Laurier from 1969 to 2009.

Thirdly, I am moving to a 2-bedroom apartment looking south towards the lake. It is more a city view but one can see the lake through or between the buildings.

Finally, I have done Ottawa twice – once for an LYC event in May and once the long August weekend. The first time was just up and back in a day. The second was for overnight.

Until after the move I will be so busy it will be difficult to keep writing but alas I will update again in September.


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